Fancy a farmer?

The first episode of the TV series ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ – – last night was quite entertaining. Apparently the producers were inundated with responses from single female city-dwellers after they advertised for potential wives for several strapping farmers to take part in the reality tv series. 

Most of these were women who, having spent several years focusing on their career and enjoying cocktail-filled nights out with female friends, have realised that they are unlikely to meet someone unless they take action to get out of the ‘single trap’.

Farmers seem to be flavour of the month at the moment. I guess it’s all part of the general movement towards sustainability and learning to live off the land again, and – dare I say it again on this blog – getting ‘back to basics’.

This month sees Europe’s biggest annual singles event: the Ireland Matchmaking Festival. Willie Daly, a wonderfully eccentric 65-year old who claims to be Ireland’s last remaining matchmaker and is on hand to bring people together during the festival, believes that farmers are the hottest commodity at this year’s gathering.

“The farmers are back in vogue this year. The women place great value on the farming community and the likes of the building contractors would not be as popular as other years,” Daly told the Irish Times newspaper. “A builder could build you 100 houses, but at the moment, who would want them? But you can’t make an acre, there is great security in the land. At times like this, it stands out.”

According to the Matchmaking Festival’s website, “Willie has drawn on his extensive files, notebooks and ledgers, on his remarkable memory, and applied his highly attuned antennae to offer hope to the thousands who ply him with their details.”

The 150-year old event, which takes place in the southwest Ireland spa town of Lisdoonvarna, has this year drawn around 40,000 singletons, disillusioned with online dating and awkward, contrived ways of meeting people such as speed dating, in seach of love. Many travel all the way from the U.S. and Canada, as well as Europe.

With a ratio of nine men to every woman at the festival, luck may well be a lady in Lisdoonvarna this month. I guess it’s not that far from London…





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