Personality v looks

I watched the first episode of the new Living TV series ‘Dating in the Dark’ tonight. Six singles – three men and three women – each goes on a date with each of the opposite sex. In the dark. Not surprisingly, lots of physical contact ensues, as each tries to figure out whether they are likely to be attracted to their date.

Having split into three couples after the dates, based on who clicked with who and compatibility scores, each person then sees what the other person looks like. The moment the spotlight shines on one whilst the other either grimaces or beams with happiness, whilst in total blackness and therefore unseen, is quite entertaining. Each then has to decide whether to see their date again in the harsh light of day.

One girl really hits it off with one of the guys when they get to know each other based purely on personality but as soon as she sees he has ginger hair she goes off him completely and decides not to meet again, leaving the poor guy having to put on a brave face once he realises he has been stood-up. Painful.

She admits herself that her focus on physical appearance is perhaps why she keeps choosing men who are not right for her and finds herself single at the age of 31.

How many of us would have gone for our partner based on looks if we had not got to know what they are like as a person first? Perhaps dating in the dark is a good way of learning not to judge potential partners on physical appearance so much. Will it be the next dating trend? There is a restaurant near Farringdon where you eat in the dark (the waiters are partially or totally blind). It could be an interesting experience for those brave enough to arrange a first date there….


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