Prince William does it in the dark

It seems that dating in the dark is taking off – see my post on Sep 20. Dans Le Noir restaurant in Clerkenwell, London, must have cracked open the bubbly (with care) when Prince Harry walked through their doors again this week. The rather handsome royal took Kate Middleton to dine in complete blackness, apparently not the first time. An ‘insider’ (ie. tabloid journalist) told The Sun newspaper this week that, “William can take Kate along and know no one will see him. He’s actually very shy.”

As well as suiting bashful diners and people with eating disorders who hate people watching them eat I think dating in the dark provides an interesting opportunity for first-daters to get to know each other without writing each other off at first glance due to their partner not having the right colour hair, being too short, carrying a couple of extra pounds, having cheap shoes, etc. Yes it’s risky – you might accidentally sit on their lap or end up with half of your spaghetti in your hair – but where there’s risk there’s reward and it could make for a very memorable first meeting.


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