Sex attackers using online dating sites

Are women really aware of the dangers lurking online when it comes to meeting complete strangers through dating sites? Alarming reports of sex attackers using these sites seem to be increasing, as perverts realise that the ability to hide behind fake online profiles gives them the perfect way to meet and abuse women who are putting themselves in a very vulnerable position.

GP (that gives confidence in the NHS!) Anil Tangotra was this week jailed for 11 years after it was found that he drugged and raped women he met through the online dating site

He had portrayed himself as a successful young bachelor working in the City to attract young women. In reality he was a 53 year old violent sex attacker.

After wining and dining his victims, who were successful Asian women looking for a long-term relationship, the doctor spiked their drinks and subjected them to brutal sex attacks.

It is easy to portray oneself as far more attractive, successful, socially-skilled, interesting and educated online and in most cases, apart from disappointment and wasted time, people lying on dating sites doesn’t cause any harm. But in a few there is real danger and incidents like this will hopefully remind women to take precautions when meeting total strangers on first dates such as telling your friends where you are going and asking them to call you after half an hour or so to provide a quick get-out excuse if you’re feeling uneasy.


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