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Get more at your local farmers’ market

I thought I might have a nice story to tell my grandchildren the other day. I was having dinner with some friends of mine and they mentioned a charming stall-holder at their local farmers’ market whom they had talked to several times whilst buying his delicious soup. On their latest visit, the good-looking soup-seller had a sign on his stall stating that he was ‘looking for love’ and asking interesting parties to ‘apply here’.

My friend, who has very patiently listened to my dating tales over the last few months, enquired politely and mentioned that she knew someone who might be interested. Having obtained his contact details she agreed that I would drop him an email with a recent photo and a little bit about me.

It sounded like a good opportunity. He was my age, an entrepreneur with his own music company and fledgling soup business, and as a result, too busy to go out much to meet new people and not keen on online dating.

Sadly it turned out – at least he was honest – that he was looking for some female company but love wasn’t on offer: he was just looking for the occasional night together with no strings attached. I think he should change his sign…. talk about misleading advertising!


The whole truth?

A good friend of mine is not having the best of luck meeting men through a dating website. The last man she went on a date with turned out to be a lot older than he had claimed.

There was me thinking that it’s just women who lie about their age in this increasingly youth and plastic surgery-obsessed society. No, it seems that men are often creative with their personal details on dating sites so that they don’t miss out when women search for potential dates within a certain age range.

Her date was a very ruddy cheeked farmer who had just sold his vast farm in Ireland, for a great profit, and was looking for both a farm in England and a wife to go with it (and to probably help out herding the sheep and delivering the calves). My friend noticed that his face looked a lot more lined than that of an average 39 year-old, the age on his profile, but she thought rather generously that he had spent most of his life battling the elements out with the animals and probably wasn’t the type to moisturise. During conversation on their first date at a cosy pub in Fulham he let it slip that he was 42 but she wasn’t that bothered, after all it was only a difference of a  few years.

When they met for a second time, for a Thai meal in South Kensington, however age came up again in conversation and he confessed that he was actually 50. At that point my friend lost all interest – I mean, how could she believe that he was 50 when he had already fibbed twice?! What else had he lied about?

I believe my friend and lots of others would benefit from a dating service where age and other personal details are checked – you would in effect have someone vetting potential dates for you. So much time and effort would be saved, and my friend could avoid unwittingly dating men who are close to retirement age. With more men using botox, especially in the city, this could become a bigger problem!